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If you’re all set to explore Mexico or jet off from it, chances are you’ve bumped into the name “Aeromexico.” Born in 1934, Aeromexico is a big shot in Mexico’s airline scene, and it’s time to dive into all things Aeromexico. From its fascinating history and extensive network to the travel classes it flaunts and the baggage rules it swears by – we’re here to serve you with the lowdown to make your flight bookings smoother than ever.

Setting the Scene

Aeromexico isn’t just an airline; it’s a key player in Mexico’s aviation story, gracing the skies since 1934. Mexico City International Airport proudly calls itself the main hub of this airline, making it a noteworthy contributor to Mexico’s connectivity.

Voyage Through History

Since its inception, Aeromexico has been a connecting thread between Mexico and the world. A living testament to Mexico’s aviation history, this airline has been instrumental in expanding Mexico’s global reach while boosting its economic growth.

The Flight Map Unfolded

Aeromexico’s charm reaches out to over 90 destinations spanning the Americas, Asia, and Europe. With its home bases situated in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey, Aeromexico is your gateway to a spectrum of destinations.

Inside Aeromexico’s Travel Classes

Aeromexico is all about choices, and its travel classes showcase that beautifully:

Basic Fare – The Journey Starter

  • Limited availability, so grab it if you can
  • No upgrades allowed
  • One carry-on bag companion
  • No refundable ticket

Classic Fare – The Comfort Classic

  • Seat selection on request
  • Ticket upgradable to AM Plus or Clase Premier
  • Rack up Club Premier Points
  • One carry-on and one checked bag companion
  • Fully refundable for a hassle-free experience

Flexible Fare – The Freedom Call

  • Call the shots with seat choice
  • Pack up extra with more baggage allowance
  • Tweak travel plans sans the fees
  • Fully refundable, embracing the freedom

AM Plus Fare – The Space Explorer

  • Take charge of your seat selection
  • Stretch out with extra legroom and Sky Priority perks
  • Bring your checked baggage
  • Dates and times? Change at will
  • Zero cancellation costs with a full refund

Comfort Fare – The Cozy Companion

  • Double down with two checked bags and a carry-on
  • Premier cabin seating
  • Sky Priority perks in your pocket
  • Non-refundable, but comfort comes guaranteed

Premier Fare – The Pinnacle Experience

  • A roomier ride with in-flight dining
  • Flatbed seats for the full relaxation mode
  • Date and time changes in the cards
  • Priority services from check-in to boarding
  • A select few flights are refundable

The Baggage Equation

Aeromexico’s baggage rules are here to ease your travel worries:

Carry-On Rules

  • You and your carry-on partner are welcome
  • Dimensions play by the numbers: 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches (55 x 40 x 25 cm)
  • Weight behaves and stays under 22 pounds (10 kg)
  • Plus, extras like strollers and diaper bags can tag along

Checked Baggage Chronicles

  • Size matters with a 62-inch (158 cm) linear limit

The Check-In Chronicles

Aeromexico knows convenience is key, and it shows in their check-in options:

Web Check-In Wonders

  • Get your boarding pass ready, 48 hours before for domestic and 24 hours before for international flights
  • The window closes 2 hours prior to departure
  • For you and 5 pals with electronic tickets

Mobile Check-In Magic

  • Your smartphone becomes your boarding pass, 48 hours before domestic flights and 24 hours before international ones
  • The curtain falls 1 hour before take-off
  • Feel the magic on Android or iOS

Kiosk Check-In Tales

  • Airport kiosks mean business, open from 1 day to 2 hours before departure

The Final Call

Aeromexico isn’t just an airline; it’s your travel partner, ensuring you have options that suit you and making your journey smoother, from check-in to touchdown.


Is Aeromexico Mexico’s biggest airline?

You got it! Aeromexico holds the crown of being Mexico’s largest airline.

Can I tinker with my travel dates with a Flexible Fare ticket?

Absolutely! Flexibility is the name of the game with Flexible Fare tickets – dates and changes play nice without extra fees.

AM Plus Fare – what’s the scoop?

AM Plus is the way to go if you want that legroom luxury, along with the perk of choosing your seat and enjoying Sky Priority privileges.

Premier Fare – are those seats refundable?

They can be! Some of the Premier Fare flights are refundable, adding a dash of flexibility to your journey.
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