Frontier Airlines: Book Cheap Flights

When it comes to flying, we all want it to be easy on the wallet without compromising quality. That’s where Frontier Airlines steps in with its motto “Low Fares Done Right.” Let’s take a closer look at what sets Frontier Airlines apart and how you can make the most of their budget-friendly travel options.

Making Travel Affordable for All

Imagine a world where exploring new places isn’t a luxury reserved for a few. Frontier Airlines believes in that world. Their commitment to affordable travel is unwavering. They offer pocket-friendly airfares that cater to everyone, making sure that dreams of travel don’t stay dreams for long.

Where Frontier Airlines Can Take You

Frontier Airlines doesn’t just fly to a few spots here and there. With a network covering a whopping 103 destinations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, they’ve got you covered. No matter where you want to go, chances are, Frontier can take you there.

Booking Your Adventure

Based in Denver, Colorado, Frontier Airlines has earned its place among the top carriers in the U.S. They serve over 100 domestic destinations and nearly six international ones. If you’re eager to hop on a Frontier flight, you can easily book your seats through platforms like This way, you not only secure your spot but also get to enjoy discounts and rewards that sweeten the deal.

Baggage Made Easy

Let’s talk baggage. We all know the hassle of getting bags sorted for a trip. Frontier Airlines makes it straightforward.

  • Carry-On Bags: Your carry-on can be 24” high, 16” wide, and 10” deep. Just remember to keep it under 35 lbs. This way, it fits nicely in the overhead compartment.
  • Checked Bags: If you’re checking in a bag, make sure it’s under 62 linear inches and doesn’t weigh more than 50 pounds. Going over these limits could lead to a $75 fee.
  • Lost or Damaged Bags: If your bag goes on an unexpected adventure without you, let the officials know pronto. Frontier Airlines commits to fixing the damage within 12 hours after you tell them.
  • Smart Bags and Batteries: Got a smart bag with batteries? No worries. You can take it with you, minus the lithium battery. Just make sure to keep the battery in a separate part of the main cabin.
  • Honoring Our Veterans: Frontier Airlines has a soft spot for active service veterans. They can bring a personal piece, a carry-on, and two checked bags without any extra charges.

Smooth Sailing with Check-In

Frontier Airlines knows that getting through check-in should be a breeze.

  • Online Check-In: Want to skip the line? Hop online and check in through the Frontier Airlines online check-in page. It’s available for both domestic and international flights and wraps up 60 minutes before takeoff.
  • Airport Check-In: If you’re more of an old-school checker-inner, you can do it at the airport. Just remember to get there at least two hours before your flight for domestic trips and 60 minutes before for international ones.


How can I book flights with Frontier Airlines?

You can easily book your Frontier Airlines flights through platforms like, enjoying discounts and rewards along the way.

What are the dimensions for carry-on bags?

Your carry-on can be up to 24”H x 16”W x 10”D.

What happens if my checked baggage is too heavy?

If your checked bag goes over the weight limit, there’s a $75 fee.

My bag got lost or damaged; what do I do?

Let the officials know right away. Frontier Airlines will take care of the damage within 12 hours.

Can I bring my smart bag with a battery on Frontier flights?

Absolutely, just leave the lithium battery behind and store it separately in the main cabin.
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